About Us

Vidyamangal School took its first steps in the year 2000 under the aegis of a trust now known as “Kadva Patidar Kelavni Mandal.” The purpose of this initiative was to gift the society an institution that imparted and enriched value based education. The length of seventeen melting summers and seventeen frozen winters has since passed, and the school has grown from strength to strength. Our institution is affiliated to the ‘Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB), Gandhinagar’ and ‘Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi’, which is an examining body recognized both nationally and internationally.

Our school is unaided, co-educational and has Gujarati and English as the medium of instruction. The total strength of the school is about 900 students.

Our school is located on a lush green campus of about 18 acres with a natural, serene ambience that enhances the formal and in-formal learning processes. We marked numerous milestones and yet we have a long journey ahead of us. The vision that took root 17 years ago has grown into a large banyan tree encompassing holistic vision of our trust.

Initially School was started with the aim of providing education to the Lal ChudaKadvaPatidar community children only. But as years passes; its practices and approaches towards education attracted others also and their constant endeavour to have Vidyamangal as their alma mater; School management opened up the admission for all.

Within these 17 years from its inception Vidyamangal also shaped itself according to the requirement and need of an hour. Having state-board as a curriculum; its approach in practice is not less than international!

Students at Vidyamangal are from varied rural areas of South Gujarat Region. Mostly are lacking holistic educational services near their doorsteps as those are remote areas of the state. So, these children are curious and having thirst of knowledge and majority are good learners. We basically aim to provide them holistic learning environment.

They are having exposure to all kinds of sports, academics and MAD activities. Vidyamangal is amongst the rare state board schools in the whole state to have Robotics Lab and Eureka Science Lab from Think Labs.

Learning is active and social in its character. All transactions in school integrate into themselves, a process thorough which children and adults develop fundamental competencies to recognize and manage emotions, develop care and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions and handle challenging situations constructively.

We works with the motto “Happy Students, Happy School…” We aim to develop all round personality of our students. We recognize the child as a natural learner and knowledge as the outcome of the child’s own activity. In our everyday lives outside the school, we enjoy the curiosity, inventiveness and constant querying of children. We consciously tap these qualities of young mind and actively engage children with the world around them. We support them to explore, respond, invent and work things out and making meaning.

At Vidyamangal, we aim to create a learning environment which is safe, encouraging and vibrant in nature and caters to the learning needs of children. Our “Child Centered” pedagogy gives primacy to children’s experiences, their voices and their active participation. This approach drives curriculum planning in keeping with children’s physical, emotional, psychological development and interests. The plans therefore respond to physical, cultural and social preferences within the wide diversity of characteristics and needs. At Vidyamangal, we aspire to achieve more than just academic excellence for our students. A great emphasis is placed on the social-emotional development of students and nurturing of talents that lie outside of academia as well.