English Medium School

Every child is a champion….

Gyan Ganga English Medium School

is run by Kadva Patidar Kelavani Mandal which is registered not-for-profit charitable trust registered in the year 1953. It is the one of the oldest and most reputed Trust of Surat.  

The school was started from heartful donations received from over 100 generous donors. The main donor of the school is Shri Navin N Patel and family. The family donated Rs 41 Lacs in the memory of “Shri Rambhai Bhanabhai Patel” and the school is named after them. Total donations received to start the school was Rs. 3.46 crore.

Started in June 2013 with 100 students, the school is fast growing leaps and bounds.

Why Start another school?  The aim is to provide high-quality affordable global education which is accessible to students of all economic and social background.

We believe every child is a champion….

The school works with a vision of making students successful in all aspects of life: Viz relationship with self, family and community.

We work together closely with children and their families to ensure we all grow, learn and flourish.

WHY US ( A School with a difference)

The school believes that every child is unique and that uniqueness of a child needs to be celebrated ,supported and nurtured. School is constantly building and developing system that would help every child succeed in all his academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, personal and professional pursuits.

The school is constantly challenging this notion and practise of “one size fit” all educational model. We strive to build a personalized learning trajectory and assessment for each child and help each child succeed in his journey of life.

Unique Features

  • Small class size: Research shows that students studying in small class size are more likely to do well in exams and life than students studying in bigger class size.

Our school has small class size of 26 students in a class. We live by our commitment of giving individual attention to each child. Small sized classrooms giving a feeling of small family where everyone is a unique and important member of the class. Small size classrooms create high impact and empower students who are striving or have a shy or introvert nature.  

Bigger class size of 40-50 students don’t allow chance for students to participate neither is it practically possible for a teacher to pay detailed attention to each child. The students in big classrooms often get ignored and neglected by the teachers for practical reasons.

Small class size benefits each child by:

  1. Every child gets noticed and become a unique and important member of class.
  2. Better results are achieved as every child gets high attention from teacher.
  3. More time per child! : 200% attention on child than any regular school.  In typical class of 45-50 students and a 40 minutes period , a child gets less than 1 minute of teacher attention. But with small class size this time just doubles up.
  4. Prompt response to students question.
  5. Every child can get his/her doubts and problems solved
  6. More teaching and instruction time available for teachers
  7. High focus on learning as classes are quieter, disciplined and more interactive.
  8. Every child gets to participate in discussions and activities
  9. There is more idea sharing and exhibition of creativity and thoughts of each child
  10. Positive, personal and focussed attention on each child
  11. Help each child learn at his own speed
  12. Teachers are able to guide and set goals for each child.
  13. Stronger bond between teacher and child
  14. Every child gets to connect and bond with the classmates
  15. Teacher workload is less, means more efficient, happy, creative and energetic teachers.
  16. Free from Extra Tuitions… Money is saved.

REgular meeting with parents: A child can succeed only with close and strong partnership of parents and the school. We conduct upto 6 meeting in a year with the parents( 3 curriculum meeting and 3 personal meeting) to discuss the progress of the child and the school.

Powerful Academic Curriculum

Powerful Academic Curriculum ( PAC) forms the backbone of the success of a school and students. To provide the best of high-quality educational resources to our students, we have collaborated or subscribed with the following world class companies.

  1. Educomp: For providing digital content
  2. Amity Education & NCERT : For Text Books
  3. Next Education Pvt Ltd: For Robotics and Computer Masti Program
  4. Mindspring: For the best in class English Language Curriculum
  5. Thinklabs (FitKids): For hands-on Science learning program.

We are the only school in Surat to have so many high-quality, world class educational tie-ups to provide the best educational experience to the children.

Every subject that is taught in school is taught with a certain purpose. The purpose is to use and implement that knowledge in real life( Action), develop new knowledge,attitudes and perspectives and to build new skills and lastly change the world for betterment using these new learnings and developments. Every subject taught in school not just gives new knowledge to the child but it changes, develops and evolves the child from the inside. It prepares the child for success in life.

Experimental Science Learning:  The school believes in the fundamental that science is about inquiring,discovering, experimenting, exploring and learning from failing and errors. Science is about building curiosity in students, developing questioning skills like- why , how, what, cause-effect etc. Therefore, Science is best learn by doing experimentation and then observing, recording, finding correlations, patterns, doing analysis and then arriving at conclusions. In our school Science experimentation is an integral and important part.

Right from Jr. KG experiments are conducted in class to develop and satiate the natural curiosity of young minds.  To strengthen our Science program we have tied up with ThinkLabs (Fitkids). Every student from Grade 3 -Grade 8 is given Do-It-Yourself science kits to perform hands on experiment as per the concept taught in class. These kits can be reused and are taken home with children.

Social Science( History,Civics, Geography): History is taught with the objective of understanding the consequences of decisions, reasons of war, how civilization has changed and evolved over a period of time.

Civics is taught with the purpose that students learn and understand how the local government works, how decisions are made locally, which people are involved in the decision making etc. We send our children to govt. Offices, panchayat offices to meet the office bearers and understand the working of govt in details.

A mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited…

Robotics and Computers

We expect our students to be the IT Leaders of the 21st century.

IT is the future & IT is everywhere , be it Engineering, Medical, Finance or Arts. The 21st century IT curriculum and learning systems to keep student college ready, job ready and future ready. Technology is now integral to our personal life, businesses, professions and any future job that one may think off.  

One of the important aspect of our IT curriculum is we put a lot of emphasis on learning to use IT in a balanced and constructive way, without disturbing the core of human value, interaction and relationship.

The school has collaborated with Next Education India Pvt.( Founded by IIT Bombay Alumni) for its innovation and Free open source (FOSS) based Computer Masti Program and Robotics Lab.

Robotics: Robotics is commonly known as (STEAM-Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts,Maths). It is one field which is an integration and intersection of Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts,Maths . Robotics inspires students to make connections across several disciplines rather than learning topics in isolation as it combines creativity and dexterity with mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills. While doing Robotics students are motivated to learn by creating their own robotic machines( remote controlled and autonomous), while at the same time gain a deeper understanding of science and engineering.

Robotics is already playing a very pivotal and cutting edge role in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, avionics, medicine, defense & military, automobile, and entertainment etc.

For more, check out our videos on our youtube page..  

Physical Education & Sports

Playground is the place where children learn about successful mantras of life. Sports is about doing hard work,self control, taking decisions, perseverance, success,failure, developing mental and physical strength. Sports is about working together as a team towards a common goal. It is about making sacrifices, taking risk and responsibilities, believing and trusting self and others. Learning from disappointments and failures. It is about being disciplined and focus in life.It is about setting goals and achieving them.

We have one of the best sports promotion set up in the district. Our students have consistently performed well in District, State and National level tournaments and competition.

School offers the following sports: Football, Skating, Karate, Athletics, Ultimate( Frisbee), Kho-Kho, Volleyball, High Jump, Long Jump.