Auditorium :The school boasts of a huge state-of-the-art 1000 seater auditorium, 2 acres of playground space,

2 On campus libraries : in our library we have more than 6000 books for extra reading for developing their reading skill.

Hostel : School can accommodate upto 400 boys and 400 girls on the campus. Hostels are separate for boys and girls. This is compulsory for Gujarati Medium School.

Mess facility: For students residing in school hostel  meals are provided 5 times in a day.  We take high care of our students and ensure that they get nutritious meals at regular intervals as the same is a need of a growing body.

Digital Classroom : For better teaching we have a digital class facility to teach them more effectively and also practically.

Labs : For practical teaching we provide different types of labs i.e. Physics lab, Biology lab, Chemistry lab, Robotic lab, Eureka science lab.

Laundry : School provide laundry for students to cleaning clothes every day.

Medical : In our school every day Doctor come at school and check ill students and provide them a medicine but in critical condition we also take them at Dinbandhu Hospital for more treatment.

Travelling : We have transportation facility when students are going for different sports competitions held by Gujarat Government like Khel Mahakumbh, Science fair and also for caring students to hospital, and also for carrying for daily vegetables.

Electricity :   In our school also provide electric generator for power supply when GEB power will
be failure.

Gym : We provide gym facility for daily exercise for good health.

Other Activities : In our school there are lots of other activities like music, dancing,  skating, sports, yoga, gymnastic etc.

Seminars : Our school invites the counsellors, chancellors, career guider for their bright future and most for teaching life skills. We also started a “Skills For Adolescence” class on every Saturday for teaching students life skills.
Extra Entrance exam : NDA, NATA, NTSE, and Other Scholarship exam
The day-boarding students are treated to scrumptious and healthy breakfast and full course lunch.