Mr Manish Purani

Campus Director

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of education.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rightly said by Dr. Martin about the function of education. But what are we practicing on ground? If you observe critically in your surroundings; a normal school is focusing to cover the syllabus defined by the board. But a different school is actually uncovering the syllabus. How are they doing it? By infusing curiosity in the child. Curiosity is the key in the education and in life! If you are curious and encouraged to fulfil it in a directed manner; you will love what you are doing. This is the need of an hour! Today schools and colleges are teaching text book at a large extent! What is the expected outcome from it after years of an investment? Marks, Right? Teachers, Parents, Management and everyone else; how are we judging our child? Life is way beyond the marks. No doubt that marks are required but that’s not judging our child. That’s why the idea of holistic education is practiced now around the world. What is holistic education now? Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. So, we need to have holistic education in our school and colleges that will provide us intelligence plus character.

I firmly believe that best schools are those who teaches their students to think and builds their character. We at Vidyamangal works effectively to infuse these qualities in our children so they become independent thinkers. Our curricular and co-curricular activities are devised the way in a residential set up that it provokes curiosity in our children and they build their character in pragmatic manner. As Albert Einstein stated “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” We are proud in our endeavour…

Mr. Jaydeepsinh Rathod

I/C Principal of Gujarati Medium

The important area associated with faith is education world. Education is an important aspect in this modern Era. Humans have run the race in path of getting Education. Not only this, but through education other areas have also been developed.

The biggest achievement of humans an earth is Education. Education inspires Human to move from animalism to humanity, ugly to beauty, and darkness to light. Education means acceptance of child and attempt to reveal the infinite possibilities in him. Try to blossom child’s talent in benefit of whole world by identifying. It child is a shrub, he goes to school to become educated. There has been a at of ideology in this country in the field of education. Many reports of commission, seminars and events have been taking place. But education can be bright with co-ordination and collaboration of parents, students, teachers and administrators. Teacher has power to fulfill all the concepts of education. Teacher is a gardener of emerging energies of his class

By providing proper fertilizer and irrigation, there is a need to create an atmosphere in class which can manifest child’s born energies spontaneously upcoming time is of knowledge and information. The world changes an each moment. A lot of curiosity, preparedness of mind and body, collection, spirit of cooperation, obstinacy, loves for  elders and trust is needed in students to be with present time . They need to be knowledge oriented instead of exanimated. Students must develop ability to lead the world to the right way by staying in downstream or swimming in upstream. They should not forget that they have to be aggressive in future in fields such as science and technology, art, health and many more.

Mr. Vaibhav Shukla

Head of English Medium

When you first come to “Gyan Ganga English Medium School”, you will notice that the excitement is palpable: you can feel the energy in the corridors, sense the vibrancy of adventure in the halls, and grasp the wonder of discovery in the classrooms as students and Teachers engage in authentic critical thinking. Our task at Gyan Ganga English Medium School is to “ignite the unique spark of genius” within each student. Our teachers can change how a student thinks about himself or herself and, more importantly, how, as an individual, he or she relates to the world. Our goal is to build leaders who have the courage to take intellectual risks and the skills to communicate and work effectively with others.

Imagine a world full of peace because our students are equipped to solve conflict. Imagine eliminating hunger because our students have been immersed in compassion. Imagine entering a society expunged of corruption because our students understand that when dealing with others, they must do it with integrity.

Our passion for educating future leaders is at the center of our mission. We invite our students and our parents to explore the Gyan Ganga vision to create the future leaders who can effectively cope up with the problems we are having nowadays in the world. To experience the liveliness, creativity, cheerfulness and the Authenticity, do come visit to the Gyan Ganga English Medium School to feel the wind of change for the future…