• Vidyamangal Residential School run by KadvaPatidar Kelavni Mandal, Krushimangal, Surat was started on 10th June, 2000. The School has been successful and has been famous in the field of education within period of 17 years.
  • In June, 2000 academic term was started from standard 5 to 8. The beginning was very good by Hon. president Jagubhai Patel and secretary Mr. Manharbhai Patel. The school had achieved success under guidance of inch. principal Mr. Dilipbhai Patel.
  • During this period, school was pioneer in academic and co-educative activities. In which, sparkling success had been gat in the field of sports as well as in board results. Name of the school was started buzzing everywhere.
  • The school has been famous under presidency of Hon. Mr. Jayantibhai Patel.
  • Under presidency of Rameshbhai Patel many different seminars, Specialists of lectures, camps, tours and many other constructive activities were done to give knowledge to students.
  • Meeting with many specialists were memorable. School had crossed popularity in Gujarat.
  • School had achieved a lott under presidency of Hon. Mr. Shantilalbhai Patel and Secretary Mr. Arvindbhai Patel. School was awarded with many medals, Awards, Prizes of ” Khel Mahakumbh” by Gujarat government and by many other promotional prizes.
  • This school makes students knowledgeable by education, culture, and discipline keeping all round development of students in mind. We have been attempting many steps to make students good citizens for future.
  • Attempts by principal at the school have been admirable, too. Teachers are performing their duties with devotion and honesty.