School Policies

  • The students will have to be present in the hostel on the given time.
  • As per the rules, it is compulsory to get up regularly in the morning and after routine work and attend prayer in morning and after routine work and attend prayer in the morning and in the evening
  • Every student has to make shramyagna and service job success by participating in every activity enthusiastically.
  • The students keep the room (in which they live) tidy and clean. They have to keep their uniform, bed sheets, blankets etc. Clean and put their textbooks, notebooks, clothes neatly not untidy. The cost of laundry will be given by the students.
  • The students who take leave from the school will have to inform the principal / Campus Director/Rector. They will have to go to home after filling up the form and getting the gate pass as well as the signing of the parent.
  • The students will have to do their reading, writing homework on the given time. They should not disturb other students in their study.
  • The student cannot keep the mobile phone, camera, radio, walkman iron heater in their And if they are caught with any of the above item, the authority will take it and the students and the parents will have to accept the punishment given by the management. Lights and fans should be used judiciously. Switch them off when not in use and reduce the electricity consumption.
  • The students will have to make good use of the facility given by the institute. If any damage done by the students they will be fined for it.
  • No student can go out of hostel without permission of the rector. If student leave hostel without permission and any untoward case happen, the parents will be responsible for that not the institute.
  • Do not enter the mess until the bell rings.
  • The rules of the mess should be followed strictly.
  • The students should not keep costly things, gold or silver ornaments or cash with them. If this is lost or stolen, the hostel authority will not be responsible for that. Parents should not give their children any costly things or cash.
  • Admission fees or term fees will not be returned after getting admission.
  • The student will have to take luggage with him/her during the vacation and the charge of the room should be given to the Rector.
  • Any suggestions or complaints regarding the hostel should be given to the Rector in
  • The students who misbehave or not in discipline or breaking the rules of the hostel will be punished or fined. He/She may be restricted from the hostel.
  • The student should be free of any addiction.
  • The student will have to take care of his/her things himself/herself. They should be
  • The management will take the decision of the deduction amount of the student who leaves the hostel in the middle of the term.
  • The students and the parents will have to accept that decision.
  • The school will open in the first/second week of June.
  • The time of the school will be 7:30 am to 3:30pm\
  • The student should wear the uniform given in the school.
  • The student should come to school in clean and neat uniform
  • He/She will not be given entry without uniform
  • The student will have to participate in the activity of the school
  • It is compulsory to live in the hostel for the student who takes admission in the school.
  • The student will have to give tests, exams and practical exams in the school
  • The student will have to follow the rules of discipline so that it may not affect the reputation of the school. The punitive steps will be taken for those who break the rules.
  • The first term fees should be paid in May and the second term fess should be paid in /Nov. If the fees are not paid in time his/her name will be eliminated.
  • The student cannot go out of the class without permission during the teaching.
  • The Student will be fined if he/she does any damage to hostel building, furniture or any other gadgets etc.
  • The parents will have to pay the additional fees for the night reading, vacation batch or
  • The students will have to purchase their journals, science worksheets, composition notebooks, drawing notebooks, color box, textbooks etc.
  • The students who study in other school and failed in the exam will not be given admission in vidyamangal school
  • The parents will have to inform the principal or campus director in advance if they have to take the sudden leave of their child.
  • The student should not damage other student’s things or items. They have to use these They should not write or draw on the wall and damage it. You are requested to co-operate for the cleanliness of the school.
  • In case of sick leave medical certificate, a reason for illness and leave report should be submitted to the principal.
  • The parents should not contact their child or teacher directly. They must take the permission of the principal first and then there meeting will be arranged.
  • Food utensils, bed, bed sheet, matress, pillow will be provided by the institution.
  • The students have to bring following things with them.
  • Night dress – two pairs long.
  • Black shoes with less – one pair.
  • The girls of std. 6 to 8 shoes with less.
  • Sleepers to wear in the room.
  • Canvas shoes – one pair.
  • For the boys of std. 6 to 12 white canvas shoes with less – one pair.
  • For the girls of std. 6 to 8 black shoes with pin – one pair.
  • For the girls of std 6 to 9 black sandle, chappal – one pair.
  • Socks in cream color – two pairs.
  • socks in white color – two pairs.
  • Bucket,Tumblre – 1
  • Small lock – 1
  • Soaps for bathing and cleaning.
  • Tooth paste, brush, hair oil, shampoo.
  • Notebooks and text books, school bag, woolen clothes, blankets, in winter.
  • Three pairs of uniform (Monday to Friday) as per rules.
  • ‘Students store’ is conducted by the school. So these things are also available in this store.
  • The parents will be not allowed to meet the students needlessly after setting entry in the This should be noticed by the new admission of students and parents.
  • The parents who come to meet students will bring their identity – card with them. only the person whose photograph is in the identity card will be allowed to meet students. No other person will be allowed to enter in the campus or to meet the students.
  • Do not try to call the rectors or set any information about students accept only in the special
  • The students are provided two time meal, three time snacks, breakfast, enough milk and fruits related to season. So parents are requested to not bring any kind of eatable things, chocolates, fruits when you come to meet your children. Stale food or irregular food will invite illness to your children.
  • Students are not allowed to go another students room. They can meet their friends or related students during the schedule which is managed by the rectors.
  • We need your support.
  • Students are granted leaves only on the special cases like marriage, death. Eccept this no other leaves will be granted. But during sickness / illness the leaves will be granted.

Time                                                   Activities


5 : 30 A.M.                              –           Get up

5 : 30 to 5 : 45                         –           Brush and exercise

5 : 45 to 6 : 15                         –           Bath

6 : 15 to 7 : 00                         –           Pray (Hostel), Milk and Snacks

7 : 30                                       –           Time to school

7 : 40 to 8 : 00                         –           Assembly

8 : 00 to 10 : 15                       –           first three periods

10 : 15 to 10 : 45                     –           Break fast

10 : 45 to 12 : 15                     –           4th and 5th periods


12 : 15 to 1 : 15                       –           Lunch Break

1 : 15 to 3 : 30                         –           Last three periods


3 : 30 to 6 : 00                         –           Snacks / Playing / other activities

6 : 15 to 7 : 00                         –           Evening prayer

7 : 00 to 8 : 00                         –           Dinner


8 : 00 to 10 : 00                       –           Reading / Writing

10 : 00 to 5 : 30                       –           Sleeping

*Subject to change as per the need