Mangaged by Krushimangal, Surat

Smt. Rukshmaniben Somabhai Prabhubhai Patel



Easy Edmin Software:

  • Easy Edmin software develop for easily manage students fees details, students personal details, Prepare I – card , their results with graphics, presents, etc. and also its operated by android mobile.
  • Easy Edmin software use for reduce teacher’s paper work, like prepare mark sheets, registers, personal details, government reports, students progress reports etc.
  • Easy Edmin software also available in google play store thats why we can use it in our android system mobile phones.
  • Easy Edmin software every teacher’s mobile connected with local wi-fi for take attendance, enter weekly test marks, regular exam marks, students personal details etc.
  • In Easy Edmin we can prepare student progressive report with graph and grade.
  • In this software every teacher saw the students progress report on their mobile and prepare lesion planning according that report.


  • In our school all the computers and landline phone connected in local area network for transfering data and information to one computer to another and one office to another office.


We also have a Wide area network for internet access for fill up board form, jee, neet form, computer lab is also connected in wide area network for internet access and learn more about their syllabus.