Mangaged by Krushimangal, Surat

Smt. Rukshmaniben Somabhai Prabhubhai Patel



Student Life

Vidyamangal is having spacious and comfortable hostel building with all the requirements that a student need. We do have separate hostel for Boys and Girls. For every students we provide their individual bed, locker for luggage, table and chair for study. All the students wake up at 5:30am and their daily routine starts.

School timings are from 7:30 to 3:30 (Subject to change at any time). From 4pm to 6pm everyday various activities are conducted and students are learning and enhancing their skills in those areas as per their interest. We do have more than 15 choices for our students to select from Music, Art, Dance, Craft Library and Sports areas.

They have complete package of academics and activities with 2 time meal and 3 time light to heavy snacks. Early morning, we provide bournvita milk every day to all the students. (Tea & Coffee is not provided normally). Only during board exam time we provide coffee during night to the students who are preparing for board exams.

Students have self preparation time from 8 to 10 pm every day. They are free to study at any time at their own convenience with prior permission. Every saturday they can enjoy television for 2 hours.

All the wings of hostels are having CCTV camera. All the students are living very happily with each other at the hostel. It’s like their home away from home. And the most important thing that we have good caring and highly educated hostel staff separate for boys and girls.

Teacher Life

Teacher’s life at Vidyamangal is promising. We do believe in the welfare of our teachers, so they are having in campus residential facilities. Semi furnished quarters are available for our teachers. We provide them free food and accommodation in campus.