Mangaged by Krushimangal, Surat

Smt. Rukshmaniben Somabhai Prabhubhai Patel


Message From Secretary

Ms. Pinkalben Patel

Secretary (Eng-Medium)

we aspire to make our student the global citizens so our training. Education, programs, governance aim towards excellence . our aim is to prepare the students with an expertise in all subjects so they can open up their wings and fly up in the direction they like . for the quality teaching in all the subjects we have outstanding teachers and very classy infrastructure.

Our curriculum is upgraded with addition of new aspects and innovation trends in learning . with the Teaching of core subjects we also inculcate in them life-skills-leadership , teamwork , sportsmanship etc.

Our location in the natural landscape makes it possible to study in the midst of the students of the nearby villages can best avail the facilities. Come and join hands with us to make this journey more meaningful . “Hand in hand we go; Hand in hand we help the nation grow.”