Mangaged by Krushimangal, Surat

Smt. Rukshmaniben Somabhai Prabhubhai Patel



In which direction is VidyaMangal ……….?

  • A school is not a building of bricks, cement, stone, furniture or glass.
  •  It is not a page, nor a monument of colors not tables, chairs or desks.
  •  It is not school where students get admission and trained teachers are appointed.
  • The school is not a non-living object but it is an introspective source and leading towards divine experience.
  • It is a divine temple.
  • The school is a temple of getting victory over the evils.
  • It is a temple of knowledge.
  • We all come together and make Vidyamangal school an ideal temple of the society.
  • We should understand the natural, innocent and healthy element of the child.
  •  Only then the motto of Vidyamangal will become true.

Attempts of school for students’ around development: (Philosophy)

In this generation of competition education is being spread  everywhere.

Nowadays, there is no boundary for knowledge.

Because, today’s knowledge  will get outdated tomorrow. For this, it is necessary to improve quality of education and for this ethical knowledge is also important.

For this, Vidyamangal has attempted many steps such as...
  • Ethical education:

Through modern education a student can be a good Doctor, engineer, a lawyer but can’t be a good son, citizen or a good husband. For that, ethical education is required, with positive approach teachers, specialists conduct debate, elocution competitions, drama.

  • Unit planning:

We give unit planning to students to satisfy their educational thirst.

  • Question bank:

We make question bank keeping weightage of marks in mind of different subjects.

  • Use of educational equipments:

We give education to students in class by chart, maps, projects, audio visual tools, smart class, model, projector.

  • Exams:

To make students constant studious we plan different exams such as mock test, entrance test, school exams according to syllabus of Gujarat government, weekly test, unit test, round tests for standard 10th and 12th keeping academic future of students in our mind.